Learn about finals week from new freshmen students as they finish up their first semester in high school

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Finals can feel like a great amount of stress, they could easily lower your grade or improve your overall grade percentage suddenly. On top of that, you could have up to seven finals in one week; that is an overload of studying and a great chunk of free time, taken away for the cause. But are finals as difficult as students make them out to be? Let’s see how SLVHS freshmen did on their finals and their overall reactions to the exams.

First year student and hard working peer Tierra Manely answered some questions on her first experience with finals and freshman year.

Q:What did you think of finals?

A: I mean finals were pretty difficult, a lot more difficult than normal quizzes or test in our classes.

Q:Which final was the most difficult in your opinion?

A: I found Mr.Darra’s spanish final the most difficult.

Q:How much did you study for final?

A:Well I study different amounts for each class, but in all I felt I spent about 3 days studying for all my classes.

Q: Did studying help prepare you?

A: Yes; studying made taking the finals much easier, and put less stress on me while I was taking the finals.

Theater actor Emily Parle’, had much to say about her first finals after being in SLVHS play MASH.  (SLVHS freshmen)

Q: Where finals more or less burdensome than you thought they would be?

A:Well, besides the freshmen P.E final in Mr.Northcutt’s, finals were easier then I thought they would be.

Q: How Long did you study for finals?

A: To be completely honest, I didn’t really study for any of my finals. I felt I knew the material well enough to take the finals successfully and I really got to see how much information I absorbed from the semester.

Q: What subject had the hardest final?And why?

A: Mr. Northcutt’s P.E final; tho he gave us a layout of the how our final should look, I still feel he didn’t explain or give very clear directions for the final. And the majority of his students failed.

Q: How do you think Mr. Northcutt could improve his final?

A: Like I said before, I think he could of explained the final better and gave a clearer example.

Q: Do you think we should take finals?

A: Not for P.E, but I think it is important for other classes.

Q: Do you personally think finals helped you determine which subjects you need to improve in?

A: Yes, I really understand which subjects I need to study more for this semester. Also which subjects I may need to ask for more help with or which subjects I need to put extra study time aside for.

Finals may seem like a big hassle, but they really display your knowledge in each class. It can help you determine whether you need a tutor in the subject or if you need to put aside more study time for the subject. Or they can tell you how well you have been doing and really help your grade if you ace your final.

By Tylia Lundberg

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