High school tennis team fights small numbers and trains for upcoming season.

Despite the girls tennis teams small numbers, they are building team chemistry and training for the upcoming season.

Tennis may seem considerably easy, but overall it is pretty complicated. The tennis competition in high school is slowly dwindling from the great program it used to be.The SLV girls tennis team only has 11 players this year, and seven of those players are returning. The team has one Senior, Alissa Saylor. Because there are so few players, they all know each other pretty well, and have good chemistry. At SLV, our girls tennis cannot have home games  and cannot play at Highlands park because of regulation rules. Also there is no referee in the league so the players have to play by the honor system.

The girls tennis doesn’t have a Varsity or a Junior Varsity; instead they have an elaborate setup, where the doubles teams or the singles players are ranked accordingly  to how well each team or individual has been playing in the recent games.

The girls tennis team doesn’t have a hell week like all the other fall sports. Instead, they start a couple days after school starts. It is unlike sports such as football, cross country, and water polo where the physical load is very intense and there has to be a certain threshold of physical fitness. Tennis is more of a mental game.

Tennis is a very mentally challenging sport played in the fall time with many exciting matches.

Wyatt Atchley

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