Cross Country players get ready for an exciting season.

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 1.25.48 PM
Photo: Wyatt Atchley

Cross-country season is here and well on its way. The track is newly refurbished and ready to run on and the teams are training hard for this season.  Many of them even ran in the blazing summer heat and only true athletes could endure that kind of conditioning.

This season, the girl’s team captains are Junior Abbey Meck and fellow Junior Carolina Moreno. The boy’s team captains are Ian Gallagher and Mairo Kuntze. The upcoming events for cross-country are Sep. 17 at Harbor High School, Sept. 26 the Stanford Invitational, and Oct. 01 V.S. Saint Francis at San Lorenzo Valley High.

Even though there are four separate teams, during competitions, during practice, and even outside of running they are one team, they are one family. Senior Nicole Roth states “Our team is full of life. There is always something interesting going on, and we never run out of things to talk about. Also, we are constantly encouraging and pushing each other to excel.”  Nicole has been running now for four years. Throughout these years, she has seen the growth of her teammates whether it be three years or one. “I have seen a large improvement in our team this season. Two girls in particular Carolina Moreno and Sophie Zachau have really stepped it up and I am very impressed. On the girls side we have four girls (including myself) coming back from injuries, and four new additions to the team. It is neat to see everyone improving. I would also like to note that over the last two years the boys team has made a drastic improvement. Their dedication and hard work has really paid off.”

Everyone is very hopeful for this season.

By Wyatt Atchley

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