Need a last minute costume idea? Well look no further


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Every year, many people struggle with the task of finding a Halloween costume. It can be challenging and frustrating to put together last minute costumes. Halloween costumes these days are not only expensive, but are sometimes hard to get your hands on. Finding the “perfect look” can be tedious and disheartening. So if it is almost Halloween and you still do not have your costume ready; do not panic! There are hundreds of amazing costumes that you can make from household items that you have.

One costume idea that is very easy to commit to is being a zoo animal. All you have to do is find animal print clothing from a local thrift store. You can also easily make animal ears out of pipe cleaners and headbands. Being an animal for Halloween can be a frustration free and easy costume if you simply find items around your house to use. Along with being an animal for Halloween, you can also easily be a ghost.

Do you have any old sheets lying around that you need to get rid of? Do you own any scissors? If so, you can easily be a ghost this Halloween. Putting a sheet over your body is an easy and affordable way to dress up and still look spooky. Just cut eyes out of the sheet and you’re a spooktacular ghost!

Another good option for a last minute Halloween costume is dressing up as a tourist. Wearing hawaiian print clothing and a sun hat is an easy way to not spend money. Take a peek in your parents closets to see what you can find! One other good option is to dress up as a “Sleepy Head”. Wear pajamas that you have laying around your house, and you have a perfect easy costume that is also comfortable. Along with hanging out in your pajamas this Halloween, you could also put on your best leather jacket and dress up as an 80’s rocker.

Do you have any leather jackets or fishnets lying around your house? What about any bright colored lipstick and funky wigs? If so, it is very easy to become an 80’s rocker. Look around at thrift stores for cheap used leather jackets, tease your hair, and wear your fishnets for an awesome and easy authentic 80’s look. Along with dressing up as an 80’s rocker, you could dress up as a jazzercise instructor. All you need to do is wear obnoxious neon colors and carry light weights.

On last easy halloween idea is dressing up as one of the four elements. Dressing up as fire or water is an easy way to have a creative and cheap costume. For water, wear all blue. For being fire, wear all red and orange. Another easy idea is to dress up as any of the four seasons (fall, winter, spring and summer). These are all very simple and cheap ideas to use for this Halloween.

If you are in need of a cheap and easy Halloween costume this year, make sure to check your local thrift stores; and do not forget about your parents and grandparents closets! This Halloween, you do not need to break your pocket book. All you have to do is look around your house for awesome items to add to your Halloween experience.    

By Alissa Saylor

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