Get to know SLV’s revamped anime club

Photo: SLVHS Anime Club

The SLVHS Anime Club was founded about four years ago, by Julian Nolelivs. The Anime Club was originally created to “Get fans together to discuss and promote Japanese-style graphic novels“ and “coordinate anime event participation.“ The club originally had a small amount of members, and was not very well known. Eventually, the club became inactive and disbanded, then fell off of the grid for a while. But recently, right before the club day in August 2015, I was offered the chance to take over as the president of Anime Club. Now Anime Club is up and running again, thriving with several members who are enthusiastic about the clubs restoration.

Japanese animation is what many call anime. It originated in Japan around 1917, and, from there, it has risen into popularity. Anime is generally hand drawn or computer animated illustrations shows that focus less on the movements of characters, and more on the scenery and the art itself. There are hundred or different types of anime genres and shows, all of them unique in their own way. A large portion of anime is based off of manga, which is like a graphic novel. Japanese animation, although most is made in Japan, is actually more popular in other countries than it is it Japan. Many fans from all over the world have come to love anime and embrace it as their hobby, and for many is a huge part of their lifestyle. Fans of anime often refer to themselves and each other as otakus. In Japan, otaku is a negative term for someone who is antisocial and obsessive, but for those who love anime it mean they are dedicated to their fandoms and shows. “To be an otaku isn’t an insult, it is a badge of honor and pride. Otakus are a clan of people who love their fandoms, and we aren’t afraid to show it to the world!” said an anonymous user on, a website for stories about anime characters, along with other fandoms.

Anime has been rising in popularity over the years, and otakus are gathering together to discuss their fandoms and take their love of anime to the next level. SLVHS student Courtney Carter says, “[Anime] is really fun to watch, and it sucks you in, and you can’t really escape it.“ At SLVHS, our very own Anime Club welcomes otakus of all ages to the new and improved club.

In Anime Club the members have been busy heartily bringing the club back to its former glory while also enjoying the experience of sharing the joy anime with others. Anime Club member Emily Carlton says “I feel like anime is the thing that brings young people together. And having a club strictly on anime is a great way to make new friends!“ During meetings we watch old Japanese animation classics, new releases and discover different types of manga. Otakus of all kinds gather at our daily meetings to discuss our feels and the meaning behind anime, really trying to get into the heads of the creators. Anime Club will be going out on field trips to Japantown, manga stores and other places where they can immerse themselves in Japanese culture. Be sure to also keep an eye out for when Anime Club wears cosplay, costumes of beloved anime characters. Anime Club is excited to revive the passion for Japanese animation, and all students at the high school are welcome to join. You can visit the clubs website for updates and information at  

By Paris Shewfelt

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