Adorable (and somewhat healthy) Halloween treats

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Halloween is just around the corner, and with it comes an appetite for adorable and spooky treats. “Boo”-nanas are both healthy and delicious, and the recipe is very simple and fun to make. These provide the perfect opportunity to get into the  Halloween spirit on with these cute banana ghosts covered in white chocolate. The ghosts take less than thirty minutes to make, and these healthy, loveable treats are bound to become a tradition for Halloween. The treats taste like a healthy, white chocolatey banana that sends shivers down your spine. They taste delicious and almost melt in your mouth on the first bite. 

Boo-nana Ingredients

-1 banana

-1 cup white chocolate

-1 bag of chocolate chips

-1 bag popsicle sticks

Boo-nana Directions

Cut the banana in half vertically, and freeze the banana.

Carefully insert a popsicle stick into the frozen banana.

Melt the white chocolate in a cup, and dip the banana into the chocolate before returning it to a plate.

Place two chocolate chips on banana to act as eyes and freeze banana. Eat banana while it is still frozen.

By Emily Carlton

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