LA cop shot in attempted robbery

On November 19 at 11 p.m., Downey PD Officer Ricardo Galvez was shot in his car by two young men and a teen who were leaving the scene of an attempted robbery. More that one cop has been killed in the line of duty recently, but it is good to remember the person who lived.

Officer Ricardo Galvez
Officer Ricardo Galvez

Galvez was a former marine who had served two tours. After leaving the armed forces, he joined the police force where he served for five years. He was unmarried and without kids. Galvez will be survived by his mother and siblings.

Officer Galvez had just gotten off work and was preparing to go home when the suspects shot him, after assuming that he was chasing them. The suspects were 16, 18 and 21 year-olds who attempted to rob Officer Galvez, not realizing that he was a police officer because of his civilian clothing. He was killed by gunshot wounds. Hearing the gunshots, a nearby patrol car headed to the scene. This patrol car was able to chase down the suspected assailants in the city of Montebello. Then, SWAT teams were called in to find the weapon and attackers.

The suspects admitted to attempting to rob Galvez. They are all being charged with the murder as adults, including the sixteen-year-old.

By: Eilidh MacDonald

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