31 U.S. states want to deny access to Syrian Refugees

Syrian refugees escaping from conflict are stumbling over some obstacles that lie in their path to safety. Many countries along the common escape route are closing their borders to refugees in wake of the terrorist attacks on Paris. This action is raising world wide controversy.

The violent and deadly attacks on Paris have scared a lot of other countries into denying refugees entry to their boundaries.

In addition, 31 of the states are attempting to deny access to Syrian refugees. Even while the final say of this issue rests with the country’s government, one thing will be fairly certain, these states will make refugees feel unwelcome.

Maxwell Zinkavich, a sophomore, thinks that “This kind of treatment of refugees is immature.”  

Many in the U.S. want to close our borders to the refugees
Many in the U.S. want to close our borders to the refugees

The The Council on American-Islamic Relations agreed, saying on Monday that, “Defeating ISIS involves projecting American ideals to the world. Governors who reject those fleeing war and persecution abandon our ideals and instead project our fears to the world.”

Again this goes back to what the terrorists want. They want fear. They want people to be scared. It is their own shadow of fear that gives them power.  

In fact, ISIS has told the word that the more fear they create the more counties will reject their muslims. Then, ISIS wants to court these people and assimilate them, so in turn they may wage war on the west.

War is scary.  With advanced modern weaponry, the U.S.’s geographic advantages will not keep the fighting out. Technology has improved, and cyber attacks now exist.

Texas’s governor sees it differently. He tweeted “BREAKING: Texas will not accept any Syrian refugees & I demand the U.S. act similarly. Security comes first.”

Trump supports the banning of refugees
Trump supports the banning of refugees

He sees humanitarian efforts as a weakness.From his perspective, as one of the terrorists in the Paris attacks emigrated to the county by impersonating a refugee, it makes sense.  

The European Commission President spoke harshly to countries trying to keep out refugees. Sadly, his words may have fallen on deaf ears. Eastern Europe has closed its doors and while the west is not exactly open it is where most of the refugees are trying to go now.

Recently Chez police pulled Refugees off of a train. They stayed at the station, and that station is becoming more and more crowded by the day as more and more immigrants arrive by train and by foot. More train stations will fill if something is not done.

By: Sean Dashiell

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