SLV Student witnesses double stabbing at Boulder Creek restaurant

Scopazzi’s Restaurant Source:

On the evening of Sunday September 13th a stabbing occurred at upscale Boulder Creek restaurant, Scopazzi’s, in a “dine n’ dash” incident. Scopazzi’s is a workplace for multiple SLV students, including Mike La Capria and Anna Morris.

La Capria happened to be working a shift when the stabbing took place. According to La Capria, “a waiter got stabbed by an angry customer, and another customer was stabbed by the same guy.”

The diner who was injured did not react to the attack at first. La Capria said, “when the customer came back, he sat at his table and he didn’t know he was stabbed, and then he pressed his hand on his shirt and saw that there was blood all over his hand.”

“I was really shocked,” says La Capira. It is not an everyday occurrence that angry customers stab employees and other customers at Scopazzi’s, so certainly the event was a surprise to everyone present. According to La Capria, the customer was upset with their meal, “they said that it was really bad; they thought we were discriminating against them.”

When asked if she is ever intimidated by customers, Morris replied “Not really [ . . . ] I think it was a pretty rare case.” According to Morris, customers generally do not display this level of violence or anger; it was certainly an uncommon occurrence.

La Capria says that surprisingly the customers did not panic in the heat of the event, “they kept their composure but a lot of people were just really shocked.” The stabbing happened just outside of the restaurant, so the customers handled the situation very well, La Capria told us.

After the initial attack, the violent customer and his date fled northbound in a black BMW, after nearly running over a bystander. The suspects were described as a dark haired man in his late twenties and a blonde haired woman in her early thirties. It has also been confirmed that both suspects are caucasian.

Luckily, no fatal injuries were inflicted upon the victims. Both have been treated and released from the hospital. According to Sheriff deputy Lt. Kelly Kent, the assailant concealed his weapon, causing the victims to believe they were only punched until they noticed themselves bleeding.

Fortunately, the San Lorenzo Valley rarely faces these situations. However, local restaurant owners and employees should consider taking certain precautions in these contexts to avoid injury. Although the victims of the stabbing have walked away without severe injury, the incident had the potential to go down a fatal path.


-Mike Eshnaur

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