Tips to improve your study habits

Don’t stay up late cramming the night before a test, use these tips to plan ahead and have the most efficient studying experience possible. Source:

Don’t stay up late cramming the night before a test, use these tips to plan ahead and have the most efficient studying experience possible. Source: http://cdn2.hubspot.netHaving good study habits, will not only help you in high school but throughout your entire life. Each person has a different way they go about studying and many of them work well.  Having good study skills will help you with finals and other big tests. With only a few weeks left of the school year the days until finals week are  almost upon us again. At the end of each semester, high school students take a test for each of their classes. These tests and projects  create a lot of stress for students, but there have been studies that have proven ways to reduce the stress that occurs during finals week and the weeks prior to that.

Since the beginning of our test taking days we have all been told the same things: eat a good breakfast, study several weeks prior to the test and don’t cram the night before. Having been told these things probably since the second grade, you would think that is all we know all that we need to know about studying; when really that is not the case. These are some other helpful tips to use before finals week approaches.

Preparing for your final exam and feeling confident is a great way to ace that test. Studies have shown that cramming for a test will not help you collect the information you just went over, if you study in 20-25 minute increments and give yourself a few minute break in between, it will be beneficial to you in the long run. Adding in a few minutes of cardio to those study breaks will help you increase alertness, your ability to stay focus and to help you get through studying. Walking or doing some kind of cardio before taking a test has been shown to help students do better by improving your memory and to get your brain more alert.

Many people say that the foods you eat play a huge role in how your test taking will do.  The foods you eat before the test, affect how well you sleep and how alert you are. Eating healthy foods the week prior to the test will help keep your brain fueled and help you prepare for your test.

Studying in a group is fun as well as beneficial to your learning. Source:

Another good way to study is to study with friends. Study groups are great for subjects where you can quiz each other using flashcards or other forms of memory games. Studying in a group allows more people to help you to understand the material and to receive multiple ways of thinking about a topic. As long as you stay focused in your study group, you will be sure to do great on any test you are taking.

More ways to have a successful study session, is to choose a good place to study in. Having a quiet location surrounded by only the things you need will help you very much understand and remember what you are learning. Keeping your phone away and any other things that could distract you is very important. For some students, keeping a schedule to plan out what you need to get done for the upcoming weeks and when you will do them, helps some people to keep themselves organized.

When asked what they were going to do to prepare for big test like the ones we will see during finals week, Michael Eckles said, “I go over the textbook and any notes we have taken throughout the semester. Also, I rest before the test so I’m not stressed and I eat a good meal before the test as well.” Sophomore Ward Simonson said, “I go over past notes and lessons we have gone over in classes until I understand it all.” Freshman Jillian Francis said, “I make a schedule for what amount of time, I will spend for each class, then go over notes and past homeworks. “

Since finals week is soon approaching, knowing good study tips will help you do well on any test. Staying focused and well fed on the day of the finals will keep you alert and ready to take the test.  Good luck on your finals!

-Amanda Rinnert

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