The newly dubbed “Boomer Building” takes the place of science building

Boomer is a name that carries a lot of weight around the San Lorenzo Valley. An influence to many and a skilled science teacher at SLVHS, Mr. Preston Boomer shaped the minds of powderthree generations of valley students over 56 years. Until 2013 Mr. Boomer taught chemistry and physics in the science building, also known as the “K” building. As of 2015 the “K” building is inhabited by Mr. Schaffer in K1, Mrs. Jane Orbuch and Mr. Mark Christensen sharing K3, and Mr. Hearn and Mr. Christensen sharing K4.

Last year Ms. Orbuch and Mr. Hearn proposed renaming the “K” building after Boomer; calling it the Boomer Building and change all of the classroom letters to “B” instead of “K.” This will allow for Boomer’s legend to live on until his final days.

Mr. Preston Boomer
Mr. Preston Boomer

Many who were not fortunate enough to be taught by Mr. Boomer are still familiar with his eccentric ways because of his famous fortress, “Boomeria.” At his castle he has hosted children’s camps and celtic themed events; the festivities have included bagpipe concerts and using guillotines to cut open watermelons. Boomeria has been home water fights, sieges, dungeons, quests, and other adventures with its catapults, slingshots, cannons, bombs, bunkers. It has chapel a where concerts are performed and christmas carols sung, an engine room, towers, trap doors hatches, telegraphs and many other fun and classic things. Many students, their parents, or even their grandparents remember Boomeria as a fun hangout spot for both teens and adults.

Mr. Hearn and Mr. Orbuch dedicated the building on May 22nd to continue Boomer’s Legacy at SLVHS.

By: Andy Wise, News Writer

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