Vladimir Putin’s mysterious ten day disappearance

The renowned leader Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, went missing for ten days leading to much speculation. Many internet speculators had been lead to believe that he was missing because he fell ill or that he was attending to the birth of the child of his supposed mistress, Alina Kabaeva.

The disappearing act that Putin pulled, ended after he had a meeting with the President of Kyrgyzstan, Almazbek Atambayev.  Before the meeting, when asked about the misssapernce of Putin President of Kyrgyzstan commented on the rumors about saying he was in

“Great shape.”

He continued to say that Putin “drove me around the property.”

Putin himself did not comment on any questions about his absence that were asked by  reporters. Putin had canceled many high profile to appearances and meetings. Those actions of avoiding the public had many journalists pointing to illness that would be easily covered up and hidden. With it being hidden from the public,Putin’s persona of being a macho man would be protected.

Although Putin did not comment on his mistress, the Kremlin, the Russian version of the Pentagon, put out a statement. The statement denied any personal affiliations with any other women other than Putin’s wife of 30 years.

The Kremlin put out another statement regarding the days meeting with Mr. Atambayev saying “continued steps to develop bilateral co-operation, particularly trade and investment ties, cultural and humanitarian contacts, and relations in the energy sector.” Russia is very intent with their needs to spread out into the area of energy, apart from oil where they are already heavily invested.


Putin and Mr. Atambayev also were to discuss Russian involvement in trade with the EU, and the former Soviet Union’s ties in the region. With the spreading of information and trade Russia can once again can reach a higher place of power. Without the further reach of more than arms and oil Russia would be stagnant in their current place of power. The power provided by oil would go down over time as the amount of oil goes down, and  so would the power.

With the recent reappearance of Putin after his absent the future of his actions is not known, or what he was doing during his absence.   His policies might change, but as of now he seems to be firm on his current way of governing.

By Xan Daven-Thomas, News writer

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