Teens get caught in big surf at Rio Del Mar

In the warm temperatures that prelude spring on the California Coast, many turn to the ocean for a chance to cool off. However, neglected safety precautions can turn even a quick dip in the waves perilous. At 3:40 pm on February 15th, three Aptos 14 year-olds decided to go for a swim at the Rio Del Mar Beach in Santa Cruz.

These three teens were swept away in the six-foot surf, but luckily rescued by the incredible lifeguards that we are lucky enough to have at many of our California beaches. The reoccurrence of such incidents over the last few months shows a lapse in safety measures taken by beach-goers.

Beach safety has always been very important. When asked about ocean safety a SLV freshman, Sibylle Weikel, stated “You should always keep your eyes on how high the waves are, and how fast they are going.” With the right precautions, a day at the beach can be harmless fun. In fact, three out of five SLV students asked said that they have had been to Rio Del Mar Beach before without any issues.

There are many other ocean safety tips that should be observed at all times when at, or around, the beach. Freshman Daquan Ruff suggests that everyone “Know how to swim before you go into the ocean beyond your knees.” While these tips may seem fairly obvious, they cannot be continuously neglected the way that they have been lately. While some who do not follow these tips and end up unharmed, not everybody is this lucky; it is important to stay safe. Remember to always have a good time at the beach while observing safety precautions.

By Andy Wise, News writer

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