Secret service agents crash into the White House barrier due to poor decisions under the influence

On a dark night on March 4th a few United States secret service agents were out for the night partying, like very many have before. The only difference this time was that they were out with a government owned vehicle (SUV) and they were above the 0.08 limit to be officially considered “drunk.” Not only is drunk driving illegal at any and all times but the crime increases from DUI and a potential license suspension to all of that and heavy endangerment of your job.

These two agents crashed into a White House barrier very early in the morning while a vehicle had recently dropped off a suspicious package to the gate.

When the gate attendants attempted to try and test the two agents for alcohol abuse the director of the secret service stepped in to try and stop the test and was successful.

When asked what they would do in this situation ninth grade students, Daquan Jermain Ruff, Zane Saunders, and Jordan Yanowitz all said that they believe that these agents should be fired and unable to work for government organizations in the future. These students found this to be even more intense of a crime because of the severity and potential for death and injury along with the use of a government vehicle to commit this horribly crime.

This two agents have yet to be charged with any sort of crime. This has been a very controversial topic for many across the nation. Some believe, because this is not the first time a crime related to the secret service has occurred that this will continue in the future and affect the safety of this country.


By Andy Wise, News writer

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