How to dress like you stepped off the runway at the Mercedez Benz New York Fashion Week

The Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week was back yet again for a stunning performance from February 11th through 19th. Many people may not care much and may see it as a trivial matter.  However, generally in our country, fashion is seen as an important way to express one’s self.  The styles reflected in the New York Fashion Week can be seen emerging in the dress of some fashionable teens.

Hudson and Williams Source:
Hudson and Williams

Among a variety of different fashions, designer Michael Kors had Kate Hudson and Alison Williams sport two unique dresses with flower designs nicely spread about the dresses. Hudson wore a sunflower yellow dress and Williams a deep oceanic blue, both of the dresses complemented the women quite nicely. These dresses can be easily adapted to school life. Students can purchase similar, much less expensive, flowered dresses of a similar style.

Warner Source:

However, if you find that flower dresses are not your thing, there are plenty of other different fashion styles represented during the New York Fashion Week that can be incorporated into any student’s wardrobe. Founder of vintage inspired blog Gary Pepper Girl, Nicole Warner’s cozy and sophisticated attire was comprised of a monochromatic color palette, mainly  all whites and greys. She was wearing a white sweater, with a greyish plaid overcoat that complements the sophisticated look quite nicely. To adapt this look, you simply need a nice and cozy sweater, a white pair culottes, and if you wished, a greyish overcoat. However, it would look just as sophisticated without the overcoat.

Ambrose and her fluffy hat. Source:
Ambrose and her fluffy hat.

If you are looking for more plaid than the outfit above, the outfits that stylist June Ambrose created may be right for you. Ambrose appeared at the New York Fashion Week wearing a white shirt with a grey plaid button up shirt over the white. June Ambrose also wore a scarf with the same color of the plaid, which complemented her style. She also wore an avant-garde, white, fluffy hat. The hat looked very warm and complemented the white shirt underneath the grey plaid button up. The equivalent of much of what Ambrose wore can be found in many stores at not too exorbitant a price. Anyone can pull off this look at school, except for possibly the white fluffy hat.

Suit by Ralph Lauren Source:
Suit by Ralph Lauren

For those who want a more classy appeal, a female model displayed Ralph Lauren’s  black and white suit. The suit had black lines going horizontally and vertically across a white suit. The model also wore a white button shirt, and a black tie with a white flower design in the tie. To adapt this fashion to school life, you could either find a suit that looks close to it, or for a more cost efficient price, wear some slacks with a similar design and a white button down shirt under a vest with the same design as the slacks. Wearing a tie is more or less optional.

Line by Tory Burch Source:
Line by Tory Burch

If you should want to have a new outfit for next winter, or for the occasional cold weather during this time of year, the perfect outfit would be one which a model displayed from Tory Burch’s line. The model wore a cozy winter sweater speckled with snowflakes, as well as black slacks, a white button up shirt underneath and a black scarf. A simple way to adapt this style for a high school setting is to wear a  winter sweater, black pants, boots and a scarf.  If you put it all together, it may be the perfect outfit for the winter season. Fashion week is of great importance to how people as a whole may dress today. It influences the designers who were there, those who followed the event from afar, and stylists and fashion bloggers. In turn, the event affects the clothing industry as a whole. All the styles above can be altered to fit the high school fashion. It is not just an event, it is a gathering of new styles which will influence future designs, trends, designers and fashion as a whole. -Michael Eckles

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