Vandalism at SLV

SLVHS library computer lab. Source:
SLVHS library computer lab.

Late in the evening on Monday, January 19, someone stole twenty-five computers from the Coast Redwood classrooms, and broke various swim equipment from the pool sheds, tossing it into the pool.

The theft and vandalism took place around 5:10 pm; the classrooms suffered a loss of approximately $7,500, because each of the chromebooks stolen were worth $300. Although no further vandalism to the classrooms has been reported, the computers will be expensive to replace.

The SLV pool was also vandalized; three pool sheds were broken into and all of their contents were thrown into the pool. These three sheds that were broken into were the pool house (containing all the chemicals), the staffs shed (containing staff supplies and lifeguarding material), and the SLV High School shed (a large supply of swimming and water polo equipment).

The contents of these sheds were thrown around the pool deck and into the pool, and broken glass was left littering the floor of the sheds. However, the shed containing Scotts Valley’s equipment and the water polo team’s new shot clocks was not opened; although this was not due to a lack of effort. The pools manager, Kurt Edwards, estimated that the damages amounted to a grand total of $5,000.

The perpetrators have not yet been apprehended, but officials will be going over the security tapes in order to identify the trespassers.  If you have any information regarding the incident, call the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office at 831-471-1121.


-Mikaela Slade

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