The Cremer House brings fine dining with folksy aesthetic to Felton

The Cremer House is conveniently located in downtown Felton. Source:
The Cremer House is conveniently located in downtown Felton.

Driving through downtown Felton, it is hard to miss the newest restaurant in the valley.  After months of anticipation during the time that the building was being remodeled, The Cremer House recently opened on Wednesday, December 3rd.  Its first months have been an immense success, as one can easily perceive by the amount of activity and number of people swarming the establishment on any given night.  Sometimes places that have been so greatly awaited are thought to not live up to the hype, but in my opinion it exceeded or met all expectations.

As my family and I walked to dinner on a brisk, January night, The Cremer House shone out like a beacon in the middle of nighttime downtown Felton.  As we ascended the steps we were engulfed by warmth, cozy lighting and the sounds of laughter.  We had put our name on the list early, which is key at The Cremer House.  Sometimes there are excruciatingly long waits if you do not get your name on the list soon enough.

There is very limited space inside of the restaurant, so the majority of the seating is found on the deck.  However, sitting on a deck at night in Felton is not as bad as it sounds.  They have very good heaters that keep the area warm enough, but it is advisable to dress for the weather and bring a jacket. As starters, my family and I enjoyed the “hopcorn”, popcorn seasoned with herbs and flavored hops oil, and the vegan board.  The vegan board was a selection of dried persimmons, raw sweet potato slices, and various nut butters that could be spread on them.  It was served on a sanded slab of wood, which contributed to the folksy feel of the place.

Delicious, healthy food and craft beer is the focus of this new restaurant.  Source:
Delicious, healthy food and craft beer is the focus of this new restaurant.

The simple décor contributed to the folksy, yet stylish atmosphere of the restaurant.  Flickering candles in Mason jars were placed on ear table, creating a delicate, woodsy charm.  Soft light emanated from the old fashion lanterns on the walls, glowing with warmth and transporting you to a simpler time. Some of the food, like the exquisite flat iron steak, is actually served in the iron skillet.  The presentation and style of the food has a woodsy, vintage feel, but an exquisite taste expected of any fine dining establishment. The Cremer House is not only dedicated to the taste of their food, but also to the ethics.  The majority of their food is organic, their meat free range, and as much of it local as possible.  New Leaf, located next door, provides them with high quality, organic food so that they have the highest quality and healthiest ingredients.

The chef, Gabe Luboff Source:
The chef, Gabe Luboff

Not only do they have delicious meat based dishes, but they also have many exquisite vegetarian and vegan options so that everyone can enjoy a meal there.  For those trying to stay away from animal products, they have dishes like the red lentil burger, a delicious twist on an old recipe. Using a lentil patty instead of meat and adding delicious chutneys, the transform the burger into a gastronomical adventure. Adults can also enjoy the 25 different craft beers they have on tap, as well as various ciders and wines.  The options aren’t limited for minors either, with the various interesting drinks like vanilla sparking lemonade, kombucha and more, all served in their favored beverage container, mason jars. The Cremer House has experienced a lot of attention recently, and for good reason.  The new restaurant has dedicated itself to healthy and exquisite food in a folksy atmosphere.

-April Martin-Hansen

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