SLV Students Receive Top Scores on the PSAT

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The PSAT is a great way to prepare for the SAT and gain scholarship opportunities. Source:

Marie Schepp, Jesse McMillan, Kurt Fulkerson and Elise Whistler received the top scores after taking the PSAT in October; their achievements provide them with great scholarship opportunities that will help them immensely in the college application process.

In 1959,  The College board issued a test given to sophomores and juniors to prepare them for  for the SAT. The PSAT in a once a year test given in October. Students take the PSAT to gain an understanding of what the SAT, taken in their senior year, will be like. They are tested on three subjects: critical reading, mathematics and writing skills.

Marie Schepp, who passed the test with a score of 201, advises students who are taking the PSAT to, “ Just be time efficient. One of the main point deductions comes from not finishing the sections.”

Kurt Fulkerson, who also passed the test with a score of 201, offers advice to those who have worries about the test, “ Don’t stress about it. Try not to study, and don’t jam pack your mind with facts. The night before the test, get a good rest and relax.”

Elise Whistler, passing the test with another score of 201, gives her strategy for the test, “ I got a lot of sleep before the test, and I didn’t stress. That’s the key.”

Jesse McMillin, who, passed the PSAT with an amazing score of 210, summarizes his key to success when taking the PSAT, “Just be calm. That’s what I did. It’s best not to stress, because it’s just practice.”

Taking the PSAT is an important step for students planning to continue on to higher education. Your good score could indicate you performance on the PSAT. The PSAT is a great way to familiarize yourself with the basic structure and content of the PSAT. It also gives your basic knowledge on subjects you might be having trouble with. Your score could also lead to a National Merit Scholarship. The scholarship uses the score to qualify semifinalist who are considered for National Merit Scholarship.

-Victoria Liso

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