The New PAC

Who hasn’t noticed the long construction, going on by the Staff parking lot of San Lorenzo Valley High school? Right now, our new soon to be Performing Arts Center sticks out like a sore thumb, unfinished. But it will not stay that way for long. Why had we students of SLVHS want a new theater , when countless performances had taken place there? Some examples of last years performances and past performances: Twelve Angry Jurors, Tommy, Dialogues of The Gods, Fame, Brothers Grimm Spectacular.

Sophomore Lexi Warner who patiently awaits the opening of the PAC answers this question with enthusiasm , “In the old PAC, there was no real theater seatings or seats at all. The dressing rooms were too cramped and the backstage inadequate . The wings weren’t big enough. There just generally wasn’t enough space for cast, crew, or audience.”

Other students also report the old PAC building being too small, as well as the stage. During performances, the room was hot and stuffy, and the sound and quality of the theater were of terrible quality. The new and improved PAC design is now fit to the need of performers and viewers and is going to have modern sound, enough seats to fit 215 people, a large stage and a catwalk for managing the lighting of the theater. The theater will also include public restrooms and air conditioning. The design for the main lobby, is going to be made out of glass.

SLVHS students and staff sit on the edge of their seats now, waiting for the grand opening of the PAC.” The PAC’s going to be awesome. I can’t wait to perform in it,” Freshman Jesse Lopez commented, when asked about the PAC and his thoughts on it.

The construction, being paid with bonds agreed to by taxpayers cost a total $5,249,513, and right now is slightly under budget. This amount was set aside specifically for this, because the rebuilding of the theater was a high priority to the district, and to the students here at SLVHS. The theme of our soon to be Performing Arts Center will be, “WE ARE SAN LORENZO VALLEY!”


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