The Napa Earthquake by Xan Daven-Thomas

The Earthquake in Napa was felt near and far. This massive 6.0 quake was felt throughout the San Francisco Bay Area Bay Area needs to be capitalized. The epicenter was in Northern Napa. It was mainly farm land there, but some of the worst damage was in the downtown district of Napa.The downtown area had extreme external damage.  The old buildings were heavily damaged. Although some had been retrofitted with anti shake equipment it didn’t help.

The earthquake cause severe external damage, walls fell and buildings cracked.The damage in the down downtown area was not the only damage. Homes throughout the greater Napa were damaged. Some houses were shaken and some were destroyed. And a couple burned down. It was also an earthquake of injuries.       The total damage estimate is between 362 million to 1 billion dollars.  The water mains of Napa also had damage dealt to them. They had been bursting all around the city. This made it increasingly hard to fight the fires that should up around the town.Spell check

Close to 200 people were hurt by the earthquake. Mostly just cuts and bruises but there was a couple of more serious injuries. One of the more serious injuries was a teenage boy who had a brick fireplace fall on top of him as he was trying to get to cover. As he was getting to cover the fireplace fell on top of him. This caused severe back damage. Add some more details

The United States Geological Survey estimated that 15,000 people felt severe severe shaking, 106,000 people felt very strong shaking, and 736,000 people felt moderate shaking. Try and put in some figures on Santa Cruz area.The earthquake lasted between 10-20 seconds depending on where you are located. At least twelve aftershocks were felt ranging up to a 3.9 magnitude.

the Earthquake has not affected shopping das it was expected to. Store closer has, although halted some of the retail sales. But it has it affected the amount of people that were shopping in Napa.. Many stores report average or above average sales for this time of year.  Stores in Napa have the same amount of product for sale as they would normally. The amount of store goods  that were damaged . The main reason that the stories are not open is because the have gotten red tagged.

There have been forty-nine buildings red tagged, which means they have to be destroyed, and 100 yellow tagged, which means they have to be fixed. Either way the buildings are deemed not safe and they are not allowed to be entered.

Using new earthquake detecting technology, students at the University of Berkeley were able to know that the Earthquake was coming eight seconds before it did. People at Bart Station In San Francisco had  the same amount of time for a warning. They both used Earthquake predicting technology.

Lawmakers in Sacramento are working on passing a bill that would help with the response time of these Earthquake warning systems.  The system will put more tax money into making the systems better. One  stated “ I don’t want to be around for another Loma Prieta.” Thankfully, the time needed to predict an earthquake are meant to improve by up to fifteen seconds in the next few years.

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