Easy and Fun Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Halloween is the time of the year when you can express your inner self, or be someone completely different in a creative manner.. Whether you’re four years old and dressing up as a ladybug, or you are seventeen and a viking for the day, you can still have a fun time.  As the time left before Halloween begins to fly by, and you still have no idea what you are going to wear, here is your guide to a quick but amazing costume. Even if you have left your costume to the last minute, hope is not lost!.

If you like bugs, or are just in the mood to look cute, try being a ladybug or a bumblebee. These costumes are quick and easy, and only require a few things! To be a ladybug you must simply wear all red and glue black paper dots to your clothes. If you are going for the bumblebee look, go with all yellow attire and add some black stripes. If you’re into makeup, add some sparkles and some fancy matching eye shadow.

If you are a fan of “The Addams Family,” Wednesday Addams is a great costume to wear. All you need is a black button up shirt to tuck into a black skirt. Put your hair in some braids and have your makeup be a little on the dark side.

If you’re in the mood for something trashy, tape some trash bags to fit your body and carry around a broomstick to be a wicked witch.

Since homecoming has just passed us by, use your dress and add some fancy costume or real jewelry, add a crown and you could be a pageant princess, or even a regular princess if you would like.

Ever wished that you could be a viking sailing across the sea? Make a viking helmet out of tin foil and wear some dark colors to make your wish come true.

Be the great Clark Kent by just wearing a suit with a superman shirt  underneath. Keep the top few buttons of the suit open and wear a pair of glasses to complete the look. The Brawny-man (the guy from the Brawny paper towel commercials), wear a red and black flannel buttoned up shirt and carry around a pack of Brawny paper towels. For another very fun and creative costume, wear all black and pin little boxes of cereal to your shirt. Stab a plastic fork into the boxes and you then become a cereal killer.

If you are in a relationship you and your significant other can have matching costumes for this Halloween.  A funny outfit for two is the typical tourist. One person should wear a bright hawaiian or destination shirt (I love NY shirts work just as well.) Wear a pair of socks with sandals and a big sun hat.  The other person should wear a similar shirt and flip flops. One should have a camera around their neck and a fanny pack, while the other should hold a map. Any of these ideas could be switched around and would even work for you and a few friends while still being very fun and simple.

Some costumes that anyone could wear are a “Where’s Waldo” costume: just wear a red and white striped shirt, a red hat and big glasses.  If you are a big fan of fruit, grape costumes are very fun! Make sure your entire outfit is the color of a grape and tape balloons of the same color and tape them onto your shirt.

Be a spooky mummy by wrapping yourself in toilet paper. Source: ashleez.files.wordpress.com

Mummy and baby costumes are always seen every year, but it is easy and foolproof..  To be a mummy, wear all white and wrap toilet paper around yourself. dd masking tape for the full effect. Baby costumes usually consist of footie pajamas, a bonnet, and a pacifier,bottle, or  stuffed animal.

A really easy costume to do is to be an animal. Take some colors or patterns similar to the animal of choice and wear them, after that print out a very large picture of that animal and attach it to some string and wear it as a mask.

For a fun costume, cut out a box and add some solo cups to it. Paint it all the same color and you will become a Lego block.

Since Halloween is coming soon, try to be ready and have your costumes be as spooky and scary as can be!



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