Volleyball still going strong with two wins so far this year

Varsity and JV girls volleyball have shown their talent and hard work by winning two out of their three games. Beating Scotts Valley and St. Francis, the girls hope to continue the season strong.

The Varsity players have a goal: Never lose two games in a row. So far, the girls have done a great job of proving it. Captain Alicia Magliato stated “We have been working really well together and are pulling through later in              the games”. Coach Ashley Tennant has been a great instructor, teaching the girls new ways to hit and new ways to pass. Junior Maddy Cope has been doing exceptionally well along with sophomore Annie Hockanson. With only one setter, the Varsity girls have been working harder and are showing a lot of improvement. The team has known each other for a while and have a lot of good leaders and strong personality. “It’s a team sport. The whole game depends on working together”, said Alicia Magliato.

The JV team has shown what they can do beating Scotts Valley and St. Francis. “Being an eighty percent freshman team, no one has believed in us”, says freshman Sidney Williams. One of her favorite moments was at the Watsonville Tournament, when the girls were playing a very difficult team who they had lost to before and ended up beating them 16-14 in the third game. They ended up winning the tournament, taking home the first place trophy. Captain Harena Haile has been a leader on the court, encouraging the girls but also helping them with what they need to work on in preparation for the next game. “The team is at a very high point and can continue to keep up their good passing”, Sidney also stated. When talking with the coach Jorge Reyes, he talked about some aspects that the girls do well. “Togetherness. It can never be one player. In basketball, one player can dominate. With volleyball everyone has to work together-the six on the court, the bench, and the coach. It’s like a family.” The teams hardest challenge this year is Harbor High and Scotts Valley.

To prepare for the game, the girls are working more on talking on and off the court along with working together. Both JV and Varsity hope to continue strong with the rest of the season.

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