Marie Schoepp helps lead the Water Polo team with her energy and focus

Marie Schoepp, a Senior at San Lorenzo Valley High, is well into her third year of Girls Water Polo, and is thriving. Playing Varsity for her second year, Marie is a leader in the pool and out.

Her enthusiasm for the sport carries over to her teammates as they tackles their season, so far undefeated. She describes her experience with Water Polo as such, “Water Polo has always been a really fun sport. I think it’s the best thing to be in the pool, treading, seeing the trees all around, seeing the blue sky, hearing some all right tunes, and just having fun.” Marie describes her season to be decent, and lacking any games that have been too challenging. In her opinion, the hardest team was Harbor High because “they’re out to get us because their coach is one of our past players.”

The easiest team they’ve played has been Gilroy. While their games have been mostly without challenge, she still sees immense improvement within the team; “Our endurance is getting a lot better. We can go; we can play four quarters, no problem.” She goes as far as to say that she believes her team can win the league finals. When it comes to personal skills, she says she has always been in good shape, but she wants to take stronger shots and develop better game strategy. Marie’s personal goal for the season is “to get crazy and be a threat in the pool. A lot of people think the game is just about winning, but I think it’s also about the process of getting there and having a good time along the way.”

Marie values her coaches Wally Brondstatter and Morgan Rollo. It was Wally who encouraged her to try playing water polo, “My big brother [Elijah Schoepp] has always played water polo and I would walk onto the pool deck and Wally would yell at me to get in the pool and ask why I’m not playing Water Polo.” She distinguishes her coaches as extremely dedicated and that they demand intensity. When asked her favorite thing about water polo, she responded with, “Well, I mean, you get a really nice tan.” The water polo tan lines are a true sign of dedication when it comes to the sport. One must embrace the dual-chromatic skin tones, and Marie certainly has. In regards to her least favorite thing about water polo, she is unable to name something.

Out of the pool, Marie is an athlete, student, and all-around good person. When she finishes high school, she plans to go in to the health department, specifically kinesiology or nutrition. In terms of continuing her water polo career in college she says, “I’d be interesting in doing club water polo or maybe Division 3. I don’t think I’d be interested in some crazy, intense water polo.” She is a great student, and despite her struggles that many experience with Junior year, she is happy to be recovering in her Senior year.

Along with water polo, Marie has swam for 3 years. She also is very interested in dancing which she calls “a physically demanding art form.” She also says she is not as much interested in team sports, as she is interested in weight-lifting, running, and doing crossfit. Individual fitness is something quite important to her. She admits, she does love to watch rugby. She is able to do so easier than most, as her brother is a rugby player for California State University, Long Beach. When asked any sporting event she could go to, she responded with, “The National Crossfit Competition, and I would be the contestant.” Marie Schoepp is student-athlete so involved and invested in athletics as well as academics. A positive influence in the pool and out, Marie is a true champion.

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