Girl’s tennis to compete in league competitions for the first time in a long time

This years girl’s tennis team is very excited to be the first SLV tennis team to play in league games.Their first game was on Wednesday, September 17, at the Aptos Tennis courts. Unfortunately, they were not able to bring home a win, but had a good battle and look forward to a fun season.

The team has won one out of their four games, defeating St. Francis. The newest addition is coach Matt O’Brien, who has done a wonderful job developing skills with the whole team. Having a team of twelve, with no seniors, he is looking forward to introducing younger players to the sport, and having a good time. “We are molding into a team. Even though we are all newbies, we are building a solid foundation for our future. Despite having no seniors, we have high hopes for the players to return next year”, commented Coach O’Brien.

The team is led by star player Annika Bauerle, and captain Alissa Saylor, who has been playing since her freshman year. “Scott’s Valley will definitely be our toughest challenge, because they have had a team much longer than most schools” stated Alissa Saylor.  In addition, Alissa stated, “Our team works really well together, and is very supportive of each other. Everyone is super nice, and is trying really hard. It’s really cool having a ton of underclassmen, because we get to watch them all grow.”

Sophomore Annika Bauerle has been doing exceptionally well this season. Being a returning player from last year, her skill level has improved even more, and she is helping carry this team along. Some other players that have been influential to the team are juniors Theresa Bridges and Paloma Auldridge.

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