Cross Country pushes towards the finish line at full speed

Cross Country is in the heat of the season, and the runners are performing under pressure.

It is nothing new for them considering their successful history. Runners are and feel in great shape. They possess the important confidence that may not have been held  while the season had not yet begun. Primed bodies and peaked confidence are a recipe for disaster to all of the other high schools competing against our SLV Cross Country team.

After taking high places in their first few meets, other competitors are beginning  to realize that this year, much like other years, this team is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

This season, they have taken first place for small schools three times. With the halfway point of the season approaching, the team is pleased with the turnout of their season thus far. The expectations for the rest of the season are great, and for some people, better than expected. The Cross Country team is holding the Cougar name high and mighty and are performing better than ever.

One of the biggest factors to give credit to for the consistent performance of the runners is the constant conditioning coach Rob Collins uses to keep his team at an elite level.

Many people are amazed and somewhat confused as to how these high school students can run as much as they do, everyday, even when the temperature gets up to 100 degrees on the track.

Sophomore runner Katie Lamb was asked what her motivation was to put her body through this constant hard work, and her answer was surely not expected. “ I do it because of the feeling you get when you’re done,” was her answer to the much bewildered question.

It may not make sense to many who don’t contribute to the sport, but it does not need to because it is what keeps her running, which keeps the Cross Country team doing well.

Durability, endurance, and strength are all necessary traits to possess to be a runner. These people run in temperatures freezing cold to so hot it hurts to move. No matter what the weather may be that day, they run. If their shoulder is a little sore, they run. It takes a lot to make these young boys and girls to say no, that is why they need to have all of these traits.

The Cross Country team will continue to push through the pain and pressure to come out on top, so dont worry Cougars, the runners will pull through and keep the Cougar pride flourishing.

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