Some Of This Year’s Popular And Upcoming Video Games

If you are one of the many video-game savvy students at our school, the release a new game may be the most anticipated moment for you this year. If so, here are some upcoming games that you may want to check out:

In the 2012 game The Walking Dead, the player becomes Lee Everett, who tries to survive day-to-day life after taking a young orphan, Clementine, under his wing. Through some spoiler-free exposition we get a glimpse of Clementine living without Lee for several years. This version of Clementine was raised in hardship, living in the bleak Zombie-infested world and facing her own moral dilemmas. In this post-apocalyptic world your real enemies are not the dead wandering the streets and countryside, but your fellow survivors.

If you’re looking for some mindless multiplayer action, perhaps the swords and shields dungeon-crawler game Diablo III: diablo-3-reaper-of-souls-walkthroughReaper of Souls might catch your eye. This game brings together as many as four of your friends to slash, stab and bash their way through thousands of monsters while on a quest to find treasure, loot, and defeat the ultimate evil.

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is a continuation of the 2012 pixel-art underground hit, Hotline Miami. However, this version offers more violence, thought-provoking storyline, and excellent music. After the acts of the first game, the player can continue the action as a copy-cat killer, a detective looking for murder suspects, or more, unreleased characters and storylines.

If guns and assassins are not your style then maybe nerve-wracking tension and jump-out-of-your-seat moments of terror are. The new game Alien Isolation promises the first truly excellent Alien game. In this heart-pounding game of cat and mouse you will find yourself creeping through the hallways of a claustrophobia-inducing ship, fearing the signature beep of a motion tracker; forewarning the hiss of a viscous Xenomorph, the distant shout of Hostile Mercenaries, or even the footsteps of hostile androids.

Feel like taking the action online? Then the newest in the Call of Duty series of popular multiplayer shooter game will be sure to give you your action fix! The addition of an Exosuit lends the player superhuman strength, ultra-powerful movement abilities, and the mixture of contemporary ballistic weapons and futuristic gadgets gives players a mix of new ideas and classic gameplay.

farcry4_thumbnailFeel like spreading your wings? Explore the beautiful Himalayas in the fictional nation of Kyrat on a one-man battle against a violent dictator in Far Cry 4. Guerilla warfare, battle-elephants, and imported weapons spice up the experience of this November 2014 game. It is also worth mentioning that, in polls around the school, this is statistically the most popular game of the year!

-Jon Rose

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