Find out who the true stars are at SLV from the recent Drama Awards

The SLV Drama Awards Banquet. Photo by: SLV Drama Booster's
The SLV Drama Awards Banquet. Photo by: SLV Drama Booster’s

The end of this year, SLV’s thespians and their families joined together for the 16th Annual Drama Awards Banquet at Felton Community Hall on May 17th. Everyone dressed classy in the requested “Oscar Attire” to walk the red carpet and be seen in the spotlight to give and receive their awards for this school year’s three shows: Twelve Angry Jurors, A Midwinter Night’s Dream, and Footloose. This year’s awards were hosted by the glamorous and entertaining Adrian Miller and Jessica Gnau with entertainment by Aaron McKay, Quinn Becker, and andy Hayward with their “Muppet Interrogation Song” movie and also from the fantastic four: London Murray, Jennifer Paolini, Sophie Widman, and Rebecca Hargraces singing a mash-up of their favorite songs from Pippin performed at SLV in 2011, their freshman year. That night we also said goodbye to our long-serving Drama teacher and director, Carly Carruthers, who will be leaving SLV’s theatre community this summer to live in Oregon with her new family.

We laughed, cried, and partied while commemorating years and years of theatrical performances and festivities. Without further ado, here are the winners for this year’s Drama Awards:

12 Angry Jurors Award Winners:

  • Best Male Actor: Dan Jeffery as Juror #8
  • Best Female Actor: Jessica Gnau as Juror #4
  • Most Dramatic Speech: Dan Jeffrey as Juror #8
  • Director’s Choice: Sophie Widman as Juror #5
  • Tech Award: Kelly Griffiths as Stage Manager

A Midwinter Night’s Dream Award Winners: 

  • Best Male Lead: Cody Esser as Puck
  • Best Female Lead: Anna Morris as Helena
  • Best Male Supporting Actor: Julian Espinoza as Flute
  • Best Female Supporting Actor: Megan Van Ausdall as Snug
  • Best Ensemble: Miranda Robinson as Mustardseed
  • Most Comedic: Dan Jeffrey as Bottom
  • Director’s Choice: Adrien Miller as Oberon
  • Tech Award: Lauren Smith as photographer, poster designer, and set designer

Footloose Award Winners:

  • Best Male Lead: Dan Jeffrey as Willard
  • Best Female Lead: London Murray as Rusty
  • Best Male Supporting Actor: Andy Sholes as Coach Dunbar
  • Best Female Supporting Actor: CHloe Sehr
  • Best Male Vocals: Dan Jeffery as Willard
  • Best Female Vocals: London Murray as Rusty and Sierra Laird as Ariel
  • Best Ensemble: Mahri Walker
  • Director’s Choice: Billy English as Ren
  • Tech Award: Avery Laurin as asst. technical director, lighting design, and light board operator

Sponge Award: Dan Jeffery for his solo “deaf dumb and-” in Tommy 2013.

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