A lot has happened this school year; let’s take a moment to reminisce

August 26th Freshman Ori
• August 27th First Day of
• September 18th Club Day
• September 20th Fall Rally
• September 27th Dodgeball
• October 30th Senior trip to
• October 14-18 Spirit Week
• October 18th Homecoming
• October 19th JV and Varsity
Homecoming Games- Home
coming King and Queen Max
LaCapria and Adela Weigel
& Homecoming Dance
• October 24th –November 2nd
Twelve Angry Jurors Fall Play
• November 18th Sophomore
College trip to SJSU and SCU
• November 21st -22nd Career
• November 27th-29th Fall
• December 5th Winter Rally
• December 19th Winter Con
• December 23rd-January 5th
Winter Break
• January 9th-19th A Midwinter
Night’s Dream Winter Play
• January 31st Winter Formal
• February 4th-5th CAHSEE
• February 13th College Night
• February 21st Mr. SLVHS
Robbie D’Amato crowned
• March 7th Spring Rally
• March 13th Pops Concerts
• March 17th -21st Rainbow
• March 30th -April 4th Spring
• April 11th-13th SLVHS Fash
ion Show
• April 19th – May 4th Foot
loose Spring Musical
• April 17th Open House
• April 18th Prom at the
Chaminade. Prom Queen:
Kelly Griffiths and Prom
King: Skyler Crane
• April 28th- May 2nd Multi
cultural Week
• May 5th-16th AP Testing
• May 21st All District Band
• May 23rd Talent Show
• May 29th Senior Awards
• May 30th Undergrad Awards
• June 10th Senior Trip to
• June 12th Last Day of School
• June 13th Graduation!!


-Katie Maxwell

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