Summer heat waves bring in an all new (and old) wave of fashion trends

Three of this summer’s trends: flower crowns, crop tops, and floral patterns. Source:

It’s almost summertime, and that means a wave of new trends have taken the student body by storm. From new prints to crop tops and short shorts to winged eyeliner there has already been a unique emergence of trends this year. For the ladies, crop tops and high waisted shorts seem to be a compliment to each other, allowing for a small amount of midriff to be shown. So far there hasn’t been any objection from the faculty on this new way to show off a little skin. These crop tops originated mostly in the 1980’s with singing sensation Madonna. Causing much controversy when she debuted her “Lucky Star” music video, the star soon started an 80’s trend that seems to have returned. Along with this ever growing trend, giant floppy hats have become a thing. These hats are modeled after those of the high society women who wore these hats at the horse races to protect themselves from the sun. All of these have become the common trend, leading to a summer full of midriff and shady faces.

Along with the giant floppy hats, floral crowns seem to be a popular thing nowadays. Girls everywhere seem to be adorning these real and fake crowns, either made or bought, and wearing them in amongst the thousands of instagram, facebook, and pinterest, and tumblr pictures. Speaking of floral, floral print is also in. Adorning men and women alike, dresses, pants, and shirts seem to be looking a lot like gardens. These prints have the ability to be awesome, or not so awesome. They can come out looking like a grandma’s couch or the royale gardens, but hey, if you are into that look, more power to you.

For men, the biggest fashion trend seeming to hit is the look of Bermuda shorts, or more commonly, short shorts. This hasn’t been so much of a trend around SLV, but more on a larger scale. The guys around here seem to be more attached to basketball shorts, nike flip flops and camouflage hoodies. Each area reps its own unique style, and for summer around here many of the guys go full on beach bum with flip flops, board shorts, and a shirt and a tank top. Perhaps it’s not New York high fashion, but honestly, isn’t that all you need for these hot summer days?

-Sam Van Pykeren

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