5 SLV Students made it to the California State Science Fair

As member of the SLVHS community, we are not indifferent to hard work and success. Recently, five students in particular have experienced the payoff of hard work and the success that comes with it. The five students, Jurgen Prambs, Mikaela Slade, Lauren Smith, Connor Lydon, and Natalie Gallagher, all received invitations to the California State Science Fair on April 28th and 29th in Los Angeles, California. They presented their projects after spending years working on hypotheses, conducting experiments, and drawing conclusions. Our five science stars were displaying their projects among many other students from all the state. There was no question in the fact that these students all worked long and hard to receive this honorable invitation, some of them working hundreds of hours and spending hundreds of dollars to create their experiments.

The group that made it to the fair. From left to right: Connor Lydon, Jurgen Prambs, Mikaela Slade, Lauren Smith, and Natalie Gallagher. Photo From: Facebook
The group that made it to the fair. From left to right: Connor Lydon, Jurgen Prambs, Mikaela Slade, Lauren Smith, and Natalie Gallagher.
Photo From: Facebook

Connor and Natalie, both juniors here at SLV, won 4th place in their division, Planetary Sciences. Connor and Natalie’s project was titled “The Secrets of San Lorenzo Valley’s Atmosphere” and was awarded 4th place in the Science Fair.

Juniors Jurgen Prambs and Mikaela Slade also got the opportunity to present their project at the fair. Their project was under the category of zoology and was titled ‘Terrestrial Salamanders of the San Lorenzo Valley. They have worked on this project for two years as apart of their environmental monitoring class, putting in hundreds of hours to get to where they are. When asked about the experience Mikaela stated, “It was a really great opportunity and I’m glad that I put the hours in to get there.” Jurgen agreed adding, “I really liked to see what the other people did for their projects. The most memorable thing had to be the prosthetic hand that someone made. Its amazing to see what some people can do!”

Senior Lauren smith presented her project as well, also under the category of zoology, entitled ‘Bird Biodiversity in Henry Cowell Redwoods’. Lauren had been working on this project for the three years she has been at SLVHS. The hard work definitely paid off for her, since she received this opportunity. Her project consisted of a lot of fieldwork and a lot of computer work, using programs such as Microsoft Excel. When asked about all the hard work she put into it and science fair in itself Lauren said, “It was a really fun experience. It was really hard to get there, but it was definitely worth it.”

CSSF logo. Photo From: portolamagnet.com
CSSF logo.
Photo From: portolamagnet.com

The hard work definitely did pay off for this group of students, because not only did they receive the opportunity to present their projects, but they also got to enjoy many other fun activities. The students got to view The Endeavor, a space shuttle currently located in the California Science Center in Las Angeles. Additionally, they got to view the process that it took to create the space shuttle and some artifacts aboard it. During the trip, they also viewed different sights around LA as well as meet many other kids from all around the state.

This opportunity that these five bright students received was one in a lifetime, but definitely not one brought on simply by sheer luck. They’re dedication to these projects, and to science, shows a great sense of individual accomplishment; they help represent the type of effort and involvement that students put into their endeavors at SLV. On behalf of the staff here at the SLV Claw Newspaper, we’d like to congratulate each and every one of you!

– Celia Hare

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