23 SLV ceramic students made it to the Santa Cruz Art League’s 59th annual High School Art Show

The SLV ceramics program has always been overwhelmingly popular. Students wake up early and drag themselves out of bed for zero period classes, or even spend time at lunch working on their creations, besides the usually-full regular period classes. Ceramics students at SLV tend to be extremely talented, which led many of them to participate in the Santa Cruz Art League’s 59th annual High School Art Show. In past years, students have placed, and this year, we have 23 students entered from the SLV ceramics program alone.

Santa Cruz Art League logo. Photo From: events.sacbee.com
Santa Cruz Art League logo.
Photo From: events.sacbee.com

These students leave their best work to be judged, and the show is open to all high school students in the Santa Cruz County. Seniors can submit more than one piece, but they have to be of different mediums; all other grades are only able to submit a single piece of art. Everyone gets accepted to the show, as long as their art is original and completed during the school year. Possible mediums include ceramics, photography, painting, and drawing.

The ceramics students participating in the competition this year are:
Paloma Auldridge, Amber McCormick, Zoe Webb, Michael McGlashan, Katherine Kelley, Sarah Townshend, Zach Smith, Madeline Peterson, Addison Ritchie, Suzan Steinberg, Elise Whisler, Derek McCuiston, Emily Santi, Kaila Gibson, Anna Bright, Celia Hare, Zoe Hays, Evan Karow, Jasmine Keane, Hong Liu, Maia Graff, Amanda McDonald, and Kiri Wanless.

Congratulations to all students who entered! It’s amazing to have this many students participating from SLV alone. This event is open to the public, so if you feel like viewing some lovely local art and showing support for these 23 amazingly talented students, visit the Santa Cruz Art League gallery! It’s open until May 25th, Wednesday to Sunday in the afternoon.

Show up to support the visual arts!

– McKenna Maness

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