What did you do over Spring Break?

Staying in Interloken, in the Alps, was one of the highlights or April's trip. Source: www.facebook.com
Staying in Interloken, in the Alps, was one of the highlights of April’s trip.
Source: http://www.facebook.com

“This spring break (and the two weeks after on independent study), my family and I decided to finally go on a trip that we’ve been wanting to do for years. We started with four days in Paris, then went through Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and back through France. It was such an incredible trip, the Alps especially were just astonishingly beautiful, and I hope to return again someday. And, spending 26 days constantly around my family actually turned out better than I thought it would.” ~April Martin-Hansen


“I went to Los Angeles and visited Occidental College as well as working, a lot.” ~McKenna Maness


“I visited colleges and hung out with my friends who I don’t usually get to see. I also started writing a novel.” ~Jessie McMillan


“I saw universities..I went to CU Boulder…I stayed at a hotel with an 18th century design like from “The Shining.” ~Christian Collens


-Interviews by Katie Maxwell, quiz by April Martin-Hansen

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