SLV students shine on the runway

The air in the San Lorenzo valley elementary multipurpose room was filled with excitement the weekend of April 11th as the long awaited student run SLVHS fashion show of 2014 commenced. The show, titled ‘the Wishing Well’, went off with a bang on Friday night, the audience packed in despite recent fallbacks due to the construction of the PAC. The shows theme was charming, as promised. Glow in the dark stars spotted the dusky blue background as the models and designers entered through a wispy black curtain. A wishing well painted by Yvonne Pyle, and a clock set to 11:11 painted by Angelina Cha, both designers in this years show, were varnished onto the fading blue sky. There were even live trees perched next to the stage, covered in paper cranes and glowing mason jars. The crowd erupted with cheers as each model entered; each piece designed and sewn by designers in this year’s fashion club.

The Runway or Dye line. Source:
The Runway or Dye line. Source:

This year’s show offered a wide range of student creativity; from ladies of the eighties to war and peace. Each designers line was chalked with creativity, all of them presenting their inspirations prior to the models’ appearances. Designers included Anna Young, co president of the fashion club, Mckenna Manness, Angelina Cha, Yvonne Pyle, Chloe Zehr, and Veronica Varner, Kate Ussat, me, Celia Hare and Ariana Sartor, and Caitlin Hopping. Each designer offered the audience a look into their creative minds, showcasing their inner thoughts and desires through each of their outfits.  The show also featured a live performance from a band consisting of fellow students from SLV. They played before and after the show as well as during intermission, entertaining the audience as they anxiously awaited the next designers line.

As president of the fashion club, I played a big role in the production of the show, helping students create and showcase their talents. This year, it was especially incredible to view the show come together with the current construction of the PAC. Many parents and students alike aided with making the show a possibility from constructing the backboards to folding miniature paper cranes, the result being a collaboratively run showcase of students’ creativity.

The elementry school multi-use room was transformed into a beautiful runway for this year's show. Source:
The elementry school multi-use room was transformed into a beautiful runway for this year’s show. Source:

I talked to different students involved in the fashion show to get the scoop on their experience. One student model, Addie Pavelko stated, “It was really fun to see what these students have been working on all year. Everything turned out above and beyond my expectations.” Another student, Aliana Rosario, a viewer of this years show said, “I absolutely loved it. It was amazing how well the designers and models managed to pull everything together. I loved the set design and the live band. All in all it was an amazing show!”

I also talked to Senior Mckenna Maness who designed for this years fashion show. She stated, “Doing this years show was really fun. Designing clothes was definitely a challenge but I think, in the end, it was really worth it.”

Each student in the show experienced every up and down, but with the collaborative help of each person the show pulled together very nicely. The show has also been a great way for students to get away from all the chaotic events that have been ensuing within the past few months regarding school, offering a release into an enchanting world one can only wish encounter.

-Celia Hare

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