Students Express Themselves Through Fashion

Each year, students and teachers alike look forward to the SLVHS Spring Fashion Show. This event helps to showcase students’ talents as they design, sew, and present their own outfits in a fashion line. This year’s show is presenting on April 11th, 12th, and 13th and is suspected to be better than ever despite minor set backs caused by the construction of the PAC.

Though the designers and builders are hesitant to reveal too much information regarding plans for the set, I got the inside scoop on what it may look like. The title of the show is “Wishing Well”, persuading us to believe that it will be whimsical, transforming the venue into a magical, polished, set. The members of the fashion club collaborated on different ideas for the set design. I talked to one of the designers of the set, senior Caitlin Hopping. When asked about her inspiration for the design she said, “My ideas just kind of came to me. I know that the whole group really wanted something that was simple, but also elegant. I also wanted to create something that would go with everyone’s individual clothing lines.”

With all the discussion of this enchanting theme, it was hard to anticipate that there were a lot of setbacks regarding the set. The show is typically held in the school’s Performing Arts Center, which is currently undergoing construction. After looking into many venues and collaborating with members of the Fashion Club, it was decided that the show would be held in the multipurpose room at San Lorenzo Valley Elementary School. This presented its own challenges in having to decide how the set would be built and how the models and designers would be accommodated. However, once the set was decided, it was easier for the designers to begin creating their own separate lines.

Show Poster by: Yvonne Pyle
Show Poster by: Yvonne Pyle

One pair of designers currently working on their line consists of seniors Ariana Sartor and Celia Hare. They are doing an eighties inspired line using old deconstructed thrift shop clothes. When asked about her inspiration for the line, Ariana stated, “We were really into the show the Carrie Diaries during the time that we were planning. I liked how they incorporated styles today with styles seen during the eighties.” Celia adds, “I liked the idea of turning something old and used into something new. That’s why we decided on deconstruction of thrift shop clothing.”

I also talked to seniors McKenna Maness and Sam Van Pykeren on what their line will be like. They described their line as very simplistic and minimal, using many black and white patterns. McKenna Maness said, “This is my second year having a line in the fashion show. We looked into other designers at fashion week for inspiration and kind of built our line up from there.” Like Celia and Ariana, Sam and McKenna are doing some deconstruction as well, recreating outfits using thrift shop clothes and curtains.

There are about six other lines in the show done by Angie Cha, Caitlin Hopping, Anna Young and others. As challenging as the set design and build has been, the show is very promising as said by Fashion Club Advisor, Mrs. Smith. She stated candidly, “We’ve got a core group of older, experienced fashion club members, as well as many very enthusiastic first timers. It is wonderful the way that kids who might not have ever known each other come together to make friendships and work collaboratively. I don’t want to give too much away- but it seems like there is a good variety of clothing designed for this years fashion show.”

By: Celia Hare





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