Students Cut Loose in Spring Play: Footloose

Students at SLV are dancing singing and cutting loose in Footloose, the spring musical put on by SLVHS Drama and Mountain Community Theater during the months of April and May. They will be performing at Park Hall in Ben Lomond, as they are waiting for the unveiling of a beautiful new Performing Arts Center on our campus.

1975008_852091351474802_516939919_nFootloose is set in the 1980’s in a rural Midwestern town, Bomont, where dancing is prohibited. Ren McCormack, played by junior Billy English, is new to Bomont and attempts to reform the rules against dancing. There, he meets Ariel, played by Sierra Laird. They fall in love and together battle the strict and overbearing Reverend, Ariel’s father, who is opposed to dancing most of all and played by Kai Harbert. Throughout the play, you will follow the heartwarming love story between Ren and Ariel, the struggle for freedom of expression through dance between Ren and the community, and the Reverend grow to find newfound acceptance of change.

Rehearsals are moving along wonderfully, “They’re going great we’re through the first act already and it’s only been like three weeks, so duh, that’s great,” said senior Julian Espinoza, who plays Chuck. The members of the drama program work hard everyday after school at rehearsals, planning costumes and props, choreographing dance numbers, and learning songs and lines. “Everyone’s really working together well, the choreography is a lot of fun, and it just generally feels like a cooperative effort; everyone’s putting a lot of effort towards it,” says Dan Jeffrey.

The cast of Footloose has a great mix of students from all grades, who all come together to create a great show. The upperclassmen of the drama program are very welcoming and accepting of the younger thespians; all of the age groups unify well with one another. “There’s a lot of new people, and there’s a lot of people who have been doing theater since their freshman year, so it’s a really nice mix. We have a lot of new faces and they’re all showing us who they are and what they can bring to theater and it’s really cool,” says Dan Jeffrey

10003289_10203330071798714_65972772_nThe music in Footloose is fun and catchy, you’ll fall in love with the music and dance from the moment you begin watching the show! Be sure to listen for the cast’s favorite songs. “Heaven Helps the Man (I’m Free)” is a favorite of Teja Pratt who plays Principal Clark. Sierra and Billy, who play Ariel and Ren, have the favorite song “Almost Paradise”. “ My favorite song and number the opening song, ‘Footloose’ partially because it’s really complicated and really crazy, but we put a lot of effort in making it really spectacular,” adds Dan Jeffrey.

This year’s spring production, Footloose, is sure to be a hit. With all the hard work, time, and effort being put in by the directors, actors, and tech crew, this show is sure to be well done and entertaining. Head down to Park Hall in Ben Lomond this April and check out SLVHS’s best muscial production yet!


Show dates:

April 19, 25, 26 at 7pm

April 20, 27 at 2pm

May 1, 2, 3 at 7pm

May 4 at 2pm

Tickets costs:

$15 general admission

$10 students/seniors

$9 ASB and for community night May 1st

By: Paloma Auldridge

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