Exciting Start to the Swim Season

This year’s swim season is off to an exciting start for both the varsity and JV teams who have been practicing rain or shine to prepare for their first meet against Aptos on the 7th of March.

Unfortunately, the team’s first scheduled meet was canceled due to an oncoming storm, but the cancellation allowed more time for further practicing. Both of the teams continued after-school practice despite the bad weather, and have managed to perfect their strokes before competing at their first meet which is to be held at Aptos High. Each swimmer has chosen one or two specific strokes they would like to pursue, and have been given a more flexible swim set which allows for individual practice of the chosen strokes. 1622816_10200934927135734_783209872_n

In their first meet, the aquatic crew competed in events like the 200 medley relay, which involves a relay team of four. This particular event involves each of the four competitive strokes (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle), working in combination. Other events include the 500 freestyle (widely considered the most difficult), in which participants swim 20 lengths of the pool continuously. All the events were fast-paced and ended with impressive finishes that were often too close to call. Junior Ryland Denny impressed crowds by swimming a 1:10 in the 100 meter butterfly race. This time comes very close to the school record which is set at just under a minute.

Also a presence on the pool deck, the SLV divers have already had their first competition which gave them time to exhibit all their hard work for the judges. Some of the divers are even doubling up and doing both swim and dive competitively. Junior swimmer and diver, Becca Layne said with regards to her swim and dive experience that, “it just takes a little more time, you don’t enjoy one more than the other.”

The divers will continue their competition along with the swim team and hope to impress both themselves and others as they increase their speed and accuracy in the water.

By: Veronica Vickers


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