Boys Volleyball starts out with Hope

Volleyball season starts off with a close loss against Harbor High in five games. They took Harbor to the last game and barely lost, their games went: 25-20 Harbor win, 21-25 S.L.V. win, 20-25 S.L.V. win, 25-22 Harbor win, and 16-14 Harbor win, Harbor eventually won the match. This leads our S.L.V. Cougars to 0-2 losing to Soquel 3 games to none also. Despite their loses they gained experience from playing a team that they are very competitive with.Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 2.16.12 PM
Coach Chicory Roth is preparing for his team to compete and says,” we look to improve on last year and just stay focused on the games ahead.” They look to build a new dynasty with their very young team, and you should look for good team play from Derek Wolf (middle hitter), Nick Salibi (left and middle hitter), and Davon Northcutt (left and middle hitter). Davon Northcutt and Nick Salibi are sophomores, while Derek Wolf is a senior. The coach has said that they have a young team, on their squad, they only have two upper classman in Derek Wolf (a senior) and Jurgen Prambs (a junior and their setter) the rest of their team are sophomores. They have so few upper classmen that they were forced into only one varsity team and no J.V. team. When Coach Chicory Roth was asked about the lack of experience he said, “We have a young team but I think we will upset and surprise a lot of teams.” Even though the lack of seniors and juniors they are not worried about their chances of winning, competing and surprising teams during the season. Confident with their young team they look to upset the more experienced teams with their young determined squad.Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 2.16.37 PM
When asked on his goals for the season Nick Salibi said, “My goals are to improve from last year and to just have fun.” Buying into what coach Chicory Roth said before, about improving on last year, Nick Salibi looks to gain more experience and skill with this young team. He added that they could hopefully make a winning season for our volleyball team. Davon Northcutt added, “It’s all about Team Work, Working hard, and having fun and if we can do that than our season will turn out to be a good one.” There next game will be on April 8th against Harbor High at the San Lorenzo Valley High Gym.

By: Scott Poetzinger

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