Beginning of a Prosperous Baseball Season

Baseball season is back again this spring for the 2014 school year. So far, it looks like the boys are in for a prosperous season; League starts for Varsity on March 18th with an away game and a home game for Junior Varsity against the Aptos Mariners.
The stats so far for the San Lorenzo Valley Varsity non-League games are 4-1 with wins against Silver Creek (2-1), North Monterey Country (12-2), Los Altos (7-5) and Piedmont Hills (5-4). The single loss that they have had so far was against Westmont (3-2). So far for the season, the team batting average is .234 with 33 hits and an on base percentage of .337. Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 2.12.48 PMThe team ERA is 1.94. These players are skilled, and Junior Bryce Nunes proves that by stating, “We have a really small but… we pack a pretty big punch.” Even if the stats look great, those are not all that matter to this team; teamwork and dedication are equally as noticeable as their skill. These players are bonding well and meshing well on the field this season, which can be crucial to the game. The players aren’t just thinking about themselves, and it shows. As Max La Capria, Senior and Varsity 1st baseman stated, he is “…looking forward to being a senior, and helping out with what I can.” The next game for Varsity is their first League game.
Although the Junior Varsity team has not done quite as well so far, this season is still looking promising with their overall stats showing 2-2. They beat Silver Creek (16-1) and Watsonville (12-2), but lost to Westmont (7-1) and Salinas (8-3). The Junior Varsity team is equally skilled and dedicated though, and plans to work hard and prosper this 2014 season. The first league game is also JV’s next game (a home game) against Aptos.

By: Shelby McDermott

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