Water Conservation Tips

With the rain shortage in California considered a drought, it is crucial to make an effort to conserve water. While you may think the water-conserving efforts you make only save a few drops, it is important to remember that every drop counts and adds up. Try out these tips to keep your water usage at a minimum.

  1. Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth: You can waste up to 24 gallons of water by leaving the faucet on. This water is left unused and wasted. It is not only a waste of water, but a waste of money as well.
  2. Take shorter showers: Most of us struggle to keep our showers brief, but you can save a ton of water in doing so. In reducing your showers from 20 to 10 minutes, you will save up to 1500 gallons of water!

    Source: pro.hansgrohe.in
  3. Don’t pour unused water down the drain: Instead, use this water to water the plants in your yard. You’ll save water that would’ve otherwise been wasted, and not have to use new water for your garden.
  4. Store drinking water in the refrigerator: Let your water cool in your refrigerator instead of letting the tap water run until it cools down.
  5. Full loads: When washing dishes or clothes, always be sure to fill the machine all the way up. You won’t have to run your machine as often, while saving water as well.
  6.  Make sure your faucets aren’t leaking: Though the little drips coming from your faucet don’t seem like much, they add up to as much as hundreds of gallons a year. Make sure if you see faucets leaking either at school or at home, tell someone who will be able to fix them.

    Source: http://www.newsnorth.com
  7. Don’t flush trash down the toilet: Find a trashcan and dispose of your garbage there. Flushing unnecessary items down the toilet increases water usage by a large amount.
  8. Cut back on electricity use: Not only will you be saving power and money, but also water. Many gallons of water are used in power plants.

Anything you can do in an attempt to save water will benefit our state during this drought. At this point, every drop counts to ensure a future with plenty of clean and pure water for all of the inhabitants of our state. leaving the faucet on. This water is left unused and gallons of water!

-Paloma Auldrige

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