Track and Field Searching for Athletes

Long-time science teacher Mr. Boomer used to say that you can’t teach an empty desk, and the same is true for coaches, particularly for track and field coaches this season; they need the athletes out.

When Coach Jennings (shot put/discus coach) got asked how the outlook was on the throwing athletes he coached, he answered jokingly, “Well I just wish that I had more people than just Logan (Levitre)”. In Coach Jennings’ situation, he only has one athlete out for discus and shot put.

He isn’t the only coach that thinks that they need more kids out and are waiting to fill up the teams. They are hoping to get enough runners and throwers out to be very competitive on both the varsity and J.V. levels after the winter sports’ season ends. When distance coach Jorgensen was asked about the lack of athletes out, she said, “The athletes are hopefully still in their winter sports and can come out soon.”

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

The girls’ distance team has set high goals for the 2014 season. Most varsity runners are from SLV’s record-setting cross-country team that won state and wants to carry their success through with them to track. Both Varsity and J.V. should be very competitive and have success through the season. In this group, Anna Maxwell looks to defend her state title in the 1600 meter race. The other top distance runners such as Claire MacMillan, Abbey Meck,  Abby Sherman, Jessica Jensen, Jessica Germany and Katie Lamb aim to get to CCS and state in  their events.

The boys’ distance team is also looking ahead to big things. Like the girls’ team, they want to continue their cross-country success. The boy’s team looks to be a contender in CCS, as state qualifier Jacob Hicks leads the team. Varsity and J.V. look to have a big group that is determined to run hard.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

In terms of the sprinters, sprint coach Bill Johnson and assistant Kjell Johnson remain optimistic about the boys’ team. “We have a couple fast veterans in Tommy Fitzgerald and Garrett Deaver that are ready to fly by people. Also, we have a determined group of sophomores and freshman that look like they can be contenders with any team for years to come,” said sprinters’ assistant coach Kjell Johnson on the outlook of the sprinters. When I spoke to some of the sprinters on why they are doing this they said because it’s fun and helps you get faster.

With regards to the girls’ sprinters, Kjell said, “we have a good, small group of girls out that I think will do very well if they can keep their mind focused and run. I’m going to look forward to see what they can do in the coming season and will definitely be excited to see the results.”  Michaela Sanchez leads the group running 100m and 300m hurdles.

For throwers, Coach Jennings is working hard to coach and perfect his one player: Logan Levitre. Coach Jennings hopes that he can get more people on his squad before the season starts, so he can work to improve their throwing motion. Last season, Kurt Lambaren won both the discus and the shot put on the JV level.

Triple jump, long jump, high jump and pole vault athletes are looking to get their technique down in time for the season to start. Jumpers keep practicing to time up and get their muscle memory ready to compete at a high level. Pole vaulter Josie Wingert came in 4th in SCCAL in 2013, and Sam Schubert won the JV high jump.

“The Stanford and Arcadia Invitationals look to be two of the biggest meets of the season and we hope to get a lot of our athletes invited to them.” Said Coach Jorgensen. But if you want to just watch a meet, and not travel, the S.L.V. Cougar Track Team’s first home meet will be held on March 13 at 3:30pm vs. the St. Francis Sharks of Watsonville.

By: Scott Poetzinger

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