The End of a Punishing Season for SLV Soccer

This year’s soccer players are wrapping up their winter season to make way for upcoming spring sports.

Both varsity teams have faced challenges this season, but for the varsity girls, the past few months have been especially difficult.

Source: MVP Photography
Source: MVP Photography

The girls’ team has been plagued with a series of injuries that has turned their able-bodied, twenty-person squad into a group of no more than thirteen healthy players. With the continued absence of star player Jessica Mittelbusher and many newly injured players, the team’s healthy girls have been forced to play entire games and even face opposition with less than the standard number of field players. However, their dedication to the game and to each other has lead the girls to a successful and impressive season. Many of the players plan to participate in spring sports like track and swimming. Injured players Aileigh Boynton and Natasha Tanner have been cleared to continue playing in the   team’s last games, giving coach Enrique Reyes more options for the starting lineup.

Both the boys varsity team and SLV’s junior varsity teams have also had an interesting and impressive seasons. Although the official season ends the second week of February, many of SLV’s players will continue to play soccer into the spring season on recreational teams. The boys varsity team finished the season with only 1 win under their belt in a nail biter against St. Francis.

Source: MVP Photography
Source: MVP Photography

With the team being made up of mostly seniors, including star players: Adam Lopez, Patrick Kelly, and Jordan Peabody, next years team will definitely need to make up the experience lost.  This shouldn’t be a problem as many Juniors and Sophomores look to fill those vacancies. Though the season had not gone completely as planned, the seniors still had a very enjoyable season and the underclassmen are already preparing for next winter.

By: Veronica Vickers

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