SLV Swim Sets off the Conquer

Swimmers take your marks! This year’s swim team is splashing into the first weeks of practice. With the first meet less than two weeks away, these dedicated boys and girls are sprinting their way back into swim shape after many participated in winter sports like soccer and basketball.

Source: Cougar Swim School
Source: Cougar Swim School

Varsity boys coach Matt “Camo” Troxell and wife Heather Troxell have been very effective so far at encouraging the large varsity team to challenge themselves during the daily swim sets, and have even managed to keep things fun with shorter, more casual practices every Friday. This end-of-the-week treat has taken on the name “Friday Fun Day” and often includes relays and use of the kick boards and pull buoys.

Things have also had an interesting start for the JV boys and girls teams.

Source: Google Images

Composed of entirely underclassmen, the JV teams are enjoying getting familiar with their new coaches: Aiden Brown for the boys and Brian Jansen for the girls. Together, the boys and girls are perfecting their starts, turns, and strokes in anticipation of their upcoming meets. The JV teams also participate in the Friday practices and have their first meet in the coming weeks.

Come cheer for SLV at their upcoming meets against Soquel and Aptos as they work to break personal and school records!

By: Veronica Vickers

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