A Delay in the Weight Room

Back in December, students were exasperated to find that the fire alarm that disrupted fifth period was because of a frozen pipe bursting and flooding the weight room. For many, the damage to the weight room was inconsequential, but for SLV athletes, it was a major inconvenience.

Here we are in February, and the weight room is still unavailable for use, far after the expected 3-4 week period expected for its recovery. It has been drained and cleaned, but is still off-limits to students, coaches, P.E. teachers, and program instructors. The delay has left many wondering what lingering problems remain that are keeping the weight room from being used. As it happens, the weight room is simply being kept off limits to prevent further damage and await repairs to some equipment.

The weight room being fixed. Photo From: slvhs.slv.k12.ca.us
The weight room being fixed.
Photo From: slvhs.slv.k12.ca.us

The platforms that hold the benches, function as stations for groups of athletes are wooden, and, being low to the ground, became waterlogged when the weight room flooded. They may be able to simply dry out, but Mr. Mercer thinks that the weight room “may need new flooring, and some new equipment.” The problem isn’t the weights– they were held high enough off the ground that they suffered little to no damage. The floor and platforms are most affected, and any wooden parts of the weight room will likely need replacing before they can safely be used again.

Nevertheless, SLV students, athletes, teachers and coaches are being extremely resourceful in the face of inconvenience. The football team, who use it as workout space, uses the weight room most often. They have taken to the middle-school stairs, the football field, and the gym to continue workouts in the absence of the weight room. The boys have been using body weight to get stronger– squats, jumping, sprinting, and other workouts that don’t involve weights. Concluded Mercer “I wouldn’t call it a setback. P.E. Teachers, programs, teachers and athletes are being very flexible in finding ways to adapt and stay in shape.” Hopefully the weight room equipment will be fully repaired soon (Mercer believes next month, but no guarantees) so that students can continue to stay fit, but until then, the resourceful and hardworking athletes of SLV will keep up with workouts in other ways!

-McKenna Maness

One thought on “A Delay in the Weight Room

  1. I can imagine this being a huge inconvenience for anyone that regularly uses the weight room. It can change and affect your training, etc. Hopefully, they have gotten the issue squared away! Thanks for sharing!

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