The New PAC and What It Will Bring

When most people think about the Performing Arts Center, they think about a new building for thespians to perform theatrical productions in. Ms. van Putten’s vision is different; she sees the new state of the art drama building as an opportunity to showcase every aspect of San Lorenzo Valley’s artistic talent.

A scene from "Tommy",  a performance presented in the PAC.  Photo From:
A scene from “Tommy”, a performance presented in the PAC.
Photo From:

The PAC is expected to be completed in mid October of 2014, but unlike the old PAC, this new PAC will open with a vision. This vision is in the form of a theme of, “We Are San Lorenzo Valley”. Upon the opening of the new PAC every event that occurs there in 2014 will fall under the theme, “We Are San Lorenzo Valley”. This does not mean that the productions that the drama students select will change, there will still be a Shakespeare play and musical performed, but the plays will have an emphasis on issues in the Valley. The environment is very important to the people of San Lorenzo Valley since we are surrounded by nature, so the Shakespeare play that would potentially be selected could be The Tempest, which focuses on the impact and power of the environment that surrounds the characters. The plays would remain the same, but they would have certain themes that would epitomize the Valley and what it means to live in the Valley.

The theme for the PAC was created to foster a community of artists in San Lorenzo Valley. The new PAC will be a community hub and a place where people from the Valley and other areas would gather to appreciate the talent in the Valley. San Lorenzo Valley has a reputation as being a school that puts athletics first, but the new attention to the arts programs through the new theme will show that the arts are just as important as the sports to the school and surrounding community.

TED Talks logo. Photo From:
TED Talks logo.
Photo From:

Students are not the only people who will reap the benefits of the new PAC and its theme: alumni of SLV and citizens of the Valley are welcome to showcase their art in different forms. All of the traditional programs such as the drama productions and fashion show will occur at the new PAC, and additional programs will be added. A film festival that will feature the work of students and community members, an art and photography exhibit, community “TED Talks”, and “Pecha Kucha Night” will be among the new programs that will occur at the PAC. The film festival and art/photography exhibits are an exciting new format to demonstrate the artistic talent in our valley community. TED talks are conferences where speakers are invited to give a presentation on issues they care about, the idea with TED talks at the PAC is that students and locals give presentations on local issues or issues they feel strongly about. These local TED talks would correlate with the concerns of the Valley. Pecha Kucha talks are similar to TED talks except that they are presented with images. The presenter has 20 pictures they select to show and 20 seconds to talk about each picture. Pecha Kucha talks can be used to display art or to discuss issues.

Ms. van Putten is not the only person who is eager to grow the arts program at SLV through the new PAC and a theme. Many teachers and counselors are excited for this positive, new change. Ms. van Putten sums up the reason why the staff thinks this program is worth implementing, “I want people to notice SLV as a place where up and coming artists exhibit their work, there is so much talent in this valley and it is time that the school does something to recognize it.”

Plans for advertising the new theme have already been put in place. Ms. van Putten has asked the computer graphics class to create advertisements and brochures using the theme “We are SLV” as inspiration to get the word out about the new PAC and the new programs that will be offered there shortly. The game plan, according to Ms. van Putten is to create a schedule at the beginning of the year so people can pre order tickets and know what events they want to attend in advance. Ms. van Putten’s system and the students and community members of the Valley are sure to draw many people to see the talent of SLV in the new PAC.

-Katrina Luque

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