The Downward Spiral of The Biebs


Justin Bieber is a household name. Even by the mention of his name one can picture the old “swish” of hair now turned to a more grown-up, mature look, or maybe one pictures the millions of girls who swoon at every word, tweet, or song that he utters. Now, Bieber has quite the list of accomplishments, starting with the fact that when he was 14 years old he was signed onto a record label. When he was 16 he performed at Madison Square Garden, to a completely sold out show. Only a couple of months later, he presented, with Ke$ha, Lady Gaga with a grammy for “Best New Artist.” A year later, he released his “Never Say Never” documentary which tied with Miley Cyrus as most successful music documentary. He has also dated Selena Gomez, and has had five albums top the charts at number one, amongst many other singles. He’s been nominated for 162 awards, won 72 of them, and two of those being Grammy’s. To top it all off, he’s number two on Forbes’ best paid celebs, making over 50 million dollars in a year.

Even after his resent arrest on charges pertaining drag racing, driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, and driving with an expired drivers license, he does not seem to want to change his behavior. Source:

There is a trend, however, with child stars to hit a rough patch like Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and now, Justin Bieber. 2013 was a wild year for him and the public saw his true colors. It began in March while in Amsterdam he visited the Anne Frank Museum and wrote in the guest book, ““Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a Belieber.” This became quite a controversy concerning the sensitivity of the comment and the fact that Bieber’s only thought was that Hitler robbed Frank of the greatest thing, her chance to be a “Belieber.” Two months later Bieber traveled to Germany for his tour and was accompanied by his pet monkey. On his way out of the country he lacked the proper papers and vaccinations to bring the monkey home, so instead of getting everything sorted out, he left it there. No less than a month later, he was videotaped leaving a club through the restricted kitchen area, stopping at a mop bucket, and urinating into that bucket while shouting obscenities. As well as that, Bieber promised to promote an indoor skydiving facility on instagram so he didn’t have to pay for the activity, however, Bieber left, not promoting, nor paying for the excursion. The next month Bieber visited the Great Wall of China, and couldn’t be bothered to walk up it himself, so he had two of his bodyguards carry him, the whole way. In November, Bieber was seen sneaking out of a Brazilian brothel, then no less than a week later, a video was found of him sleeping while a known prostitute was seen holding fresh money. That’s not all, there have been reports that Bieber through a fit, trashed a whole theatre lobby when management told him he wasn’t allowed to bring his Subway into the movie because it was against theatre policy. Once again, he screamed obscenities at the staff stormed out, and apparently the theatre was payed to keep quiet. Other reports of him taking his Ferraris out for joyrides in the gated community he belongs to have also received some attention. Reports of him speeding of over 80 mph over the limit have arisen, as well as the fact that when a father of three girls told him to slow down, he apparently spit in his face and screamed that he would kill the man.

Now sure, most stars are able to come back, cough cough, Britney Spears, but what’s truly scary is the fact that millions of adolescent girls still support him through everything. However, not everyone is perfect, everyone makes mistakes, yet some have the power to rise above those mistakes, and others, well, they just spiral further and further down, so all we can do is watch, from far far away.

-Sam Van Pykeren

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