Simple Prank Turned to Fireman Altercation

Done correctly, pranks can be exceptionally hilarious, but pranks done incorrectly can escalate into dangerous situations. This was exactly what the Felton and Ben Lomond Firefighters found out on the evening of December 6th after a prank had escalated quickly into a dispute. It started out as a harmless prank; multiple personal vehicles that belonged to Felton Fire crewmembers had been sprayed with fire extinguishers whilst the owners were celebrating at a holiday party at the districts Felton headquarters. The prank then escalated, according to witnesses, into an altercation of sorts between members of each crew once the vehicles had been spotted. While not much has been said by those involved, Felton Fire Chief Ron Rickabugh said that there was no property damage as well as no major injuries. There was, however, some “minor injuries at most”. It can also be noted that there was no official report regarding the incident made to the Santa Cruz County Sheriffs Office.

Station Fire Chief Ron Rickabaugh. Photo From:
Station Fire Chief Ron Rickabaugh.
Photo From:

Not much more information can be said about the situation, but it’s a strong reminder of what can happen if a prank goes awry. “I almost set my house on fire one time.” Senior, Ashley Brumbaugh states as she describes some of her pranking excursions. “I think there’s a definite possibility that something could go wrong.” Senior Ariana Sartor says. These disastrous outcomes could have been easily avoided by not participating in the development of the prank. However, if this simply isn’t an option it’s a good idea to think through all possible outcomes in order to practice safe pranking.

– Celia Hare

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