January Horoscopes


(12/22-1/19): Pay close attention for someone new will come into your life and it is up to you if the addition is for better or for worse. Take the time to work towards accomplishing your new year’s resolution and it will pay off!


(1/20-2/18): All of your hard work will pay off this month if you keep pushing yourself to achieve your goals. Pay special attention to the clock this month, as you will tend to be running late.


(2/19-3/20): It is important to know how to deal with disappointment and failure. Not everyone gets a cookie.


(9/23-10/22): Watch out for frogs as you might have a disastrous run in. It is a good time to seek a new relationship this month, put yourself out there.


(3/21-4/19): Your progressive ideas will be recognized and you will get the appreciation you deserve. Smile at a stranger and be open to new ideas.


(4/20-5/20): Watch out because someone you trusted will try to knock you off your pedestal. Be attentive to those close to you and you will be rewarded.


(5/21-6/21): Be forward and outgoing and you will be rewarded with a new friendship. Think ahead and start making plans for the future.


(6/22-7/22): Take time to appreciate the finer things in life this month and be thankful for all you have. You will enjoy the attentions of a mysterious stranger and get a new pair of socks.


(7/23-8/22): Quit working so hard and reflect back on all that you have achieved recently. Start a conversation with a stranger and you may find yourself living a fuller life.


(8/23-9/22): Find happiness if the whole picture, don’t stress the little things. Be careful around sharp objects, especially scissors and avoid white-out at all costs.


(10/23-11/21): Take up a new hobby and smile at that special someone. Think outside of the box while wearing a scarf and your luck will change. Don’t read your fortune inside of the next fortune cookie you eat, those things are stupid.


(11/22-12/21): You may develop a strange case of Anuptaphobia without cause and feel a need to put your heart on the line. Don’t. Beware of that leftover mistletoe incase you are caught under if with someone undesirable.

-Katie Maxwell

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