Player Profile: Kaylee Green

Kaylee Green, a junior here at SLV High School, has just made her seasonal debut on the soccer field, along with the rest of her varsity teammates. Kaylee is a left midfield for the team, but sources indicate she may be moved to forward in the near future.

Source: Facebook Photos
Source: Facebook Photos

Kaylee is also a relatively new player in the soccer world. Unlike many of her teammates, Kaylee began soccer long after her elementary years. Her first year playing was in 8th grade, and she resumed playing as a sophomore on the JV team. This year, she has been placed with the varsity girls, and is enjoying a new level of the sport.

With the addition of her school responsibilities, Kaylee has been kept busy. She is taking 6 courses at SLV, including 3 APs: Language and Composition, Calculus, and Biology. Her favorite class remains a tie between Spanish 3 with Darr and AP Biology with Hearn. She also enjoys the creativity of her Yearbook class with Mr. Poetzinger which allows her to utilize her talent of photography.

Source: MVP Photography
Source: MVP Photography

Kaylee is also a leader of her church’s youth group for middle schoolers at Santa Cruz Bible Church. She enjoys taking pictures and can be seen drawing on her notebook in class.

Come watch Kaylee play with the rest of the varsity soccer team this season as they continue their successful season!

By: Veronica Vickers

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