Girls Basketball Undergoes a Rocky Start To Their Season

Trial and error, teamwork, but most importantly: Heart. The San Lorenzo Valley Cougars have proved that these are more important than a number on the scoreboard in both preseason and beginning of the League of winter 2013 and 2014.

Source: MVP Photography
Source: MVP Photography

It was a slow start for SLV at the first League game at home on January 8th. Scotts Valley scored within the first eight seconds of the first quarter of the game, and it didn’t stop there. The girls never stopped working, but SV was playing at a faster pace that was difficult to keep up with. Although they held strong with a tough defense, Scotts Valley broke through it and made almost every shot they took. Their defense, unfortunately, was tougher. By the end of the first half, the score was 50-8 Scotts Valley. The few chances SLV had to make shots were quickly shut down, and taken away. Because of the height on Scotts Valley’s team, they had the ability to snatch rebounds more often than not. That played a big role in the outcome of the game, since the missed shots (from both teams), were quickly retrieved and used to their advantage. As SLV coach Bobby Hitt stated, “We haven’t faced height like that yet. We have to work on rebounding, but it was a tough game and we handled it well.”

The best part of the game, though, must have been the effort and teamwork that these ladies showed. Throughout the game, the girls never stopped sweating and they always had teamwork on their minds. Scotts Valley was taller and more experienced, but the more important factor is that SLV displayed more heart in one quarter than Scotts Valley did all game.

Heart seems to be a big theme for the girls on this team. It was demonstrated well on the court, and mentioned by a few of the ladies after the game. Nina Lavelle, SLV Senior, said, “…we tried our hardest, and didn’t give up no matter what. Heart is more important than winning.” Agreeing with Lavelle is Emily Holmes, also a senior, that stated: “We may not be winning a lot, but we have a lot of heart for the game and are getting better and better every day.”

Source: MVP Photography
Source: MVP Photography

It’s true that it was a tough game and season for the San Lorenzo Valley Cougars girl’s team, but it was also a game to be learned from and built on. As SLV coach Waylon Prather admitted, “We’ve played tough games and difficult opponents. We are improving every week, and we try to give our best effort every game–every day. We are constantly trying to learn.” Although the end score was 93-8 Scotts Valley, we should remember the effort, teamwork, and heart that the girls came away with after the game.

By: Shelby McDermott

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