The SLV Holiday Winter Rally

The winter holidays are approaching fast, bringing with them a sense of panic and excitement. But before we can dive into last minute shopping trips and eggnog, something very exciting occurs at San Lorenzo Valley High School: the winter and sports rally’s.

A poster for "A Midwinters Night's Dream"  Photo From:
A poster for “A Midwinters Night’s Dream”
Photo From:

The winter sports rally was held on Thursday, December 5th in the school gym. This rally was sports related- as promised by the name. First at the rally, the girls cross country team and Jacob Hicks were recognized for achievement in state championships. The winter play Midwinters Night Dream was introduced as well and London Murray and Jordan Peabody preformed a skit. During the rally, there was a contest from the girls and boys’ soccer team, as well as updates on how they are doing this season. You could also see a slide slow from the wrestling team.

ASB also played a game where some of the members dressed up with their legs through the armholes of their sweatshirts as they try to run across the gym avoiding dodge balls thrown by student volunteers

The winter sports rally also included a video promotion from the senior elves. The senior elves are seniors who allow themselves to be auctioned off for a day to underclassman and teachers. The elves help out their highest bidder for one day, carrying their stuff, buying their lunch or doing anything (within reasonable means!) that the bidder asks. The money raised from the bids goes to Valley Churches.

Valley Churches United Photo From:
Valley Churches United
Photo From:

The winter rally is being held on the Friday before winter break, December 20th.  It can be expected that during this rally there will a games, a perfect chance to embarrass some of our fellow SLV cougars! Volunteers will also be taken for this game in which students will have to pop as many balloons as they can as they sit on them one at a time. It may not seem too difficult, but ASB has made it that much more challenging by adding a time limit to it. How many balloons do you think they can pop during the time limit?

Also taking place during the winter rally are the holiday wishes: a tradition here at SLVHS. As the holiday season began, students placed they’re greatest wishes in ASB’s wish box. During the rally, a few lucky students who had placed their wishes in the wish box will be brought down to sit on Santa’s lap and read their wish aloud. Santa, with the help of ASB, will then grant them they’re wish.

I got the latest information on how the students of SLV feel about the winter rally, as well as all the crazy traditions that come with it. When asked how she felt about the winter rally, ASB officer Nina Narachi said, “I’m so excited! It should turn out really great this year.”

Senior Jessica Ochoa also expressed a similar opinion, “The winter rally is definitely one of my favorites. I can’t wait to see this years.” And senior Addie Pavelko adds, “I love the winter rally! Its my favorite of all the rallies.”

The winter rally is definitely one of my favorites. I can’t wait to see this years.

Senior Molly Greco gave us her input on her favorite part of the rally. “I’ve seen three of the winter rally’s already and I have to say my favorite part is when Santa comes in and grants peoples’ wishes.”

These fun holiday rally’s are a nice way to bring the student’s school spirit together and celebrate the holidays. With Christmas on the way, the decorating, wish making, and gift shopping has begun and ASB is doing a wonderful job bringing all this to our school.  The rallies are just one way the students are able to participate in the fun Christmas and winter themed games and events that SLV has to offer.

– Celia Hare

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